Who is the Tallest Man in the World 2023

Who is the Tallest Man in the World

Do you know Who is the tallest man in the world? If not, then be sure to read this post. In this post we are giving you information about the world’s tallest man ever and the world’s tallest man living at present. Read this interesting information:

Who is the Tallest Man in the World

Name: Sultan Kosen
Born: 10 December 1982
Nationality: Turkish
Sultan Kosen’s Wife: Merve Dibo
Known For Tallest Living Man, 7th verified tallest person in history
Sultan Kosen Height 251 cm (8 ft. 2.82 in.)

Sultan Kosen was born on December 10, 1982, in Dede Koy, a village in Mardin, Turkey. He has four siblings. The length of the sultan was normal for 10 years after birth. But after that his height started increasing abnormally. While his parents and four siblings are normal in length.

The reason for the unusual increase in the length of the sultan was “Acromegaly“. This is the stage in which the pituitary gland produces more growth hormone. As a result, the length starts increasing. Due to its effect, the size of the hands increases, the bones become thick and there is also pain in the joints.

Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. If a tumor damages this gland, then either this growth hormone starts to be produced more or less. The length increases on high production and in the case of low production, the length does not increase.

Due to unusual length, the Sultan could not complete his schooling and started doing agricultural work to support the family financially. He also wanted to join the Galatasaray Basketball Team, but his dream could not be fulfilled due to being too tall to play basketball.

Sultan Kosen’s length was constantly increasing. Therefore, surgery of his pituitary Tumer was necessary. In 2010, he underwent pituitary Tumer surgery by the University of Virginia Medical School and underwent a course of medication to control his growth hormone. From March 2012, their length stopped increasing.

After his name was included in the Guinness World Records, people started recognizing him. In the year 2014, he joined The Magic Circus of Samoa and joined that circus in many countries of the world.

He also started getting offers from Hollywood. In 2016, he was offered a role in the film ‘Achieving the Impossible‘, which he accepted.

Earlier, there was a problem in their marriage due to unusual length. But when they became famous as world record holders, a Syrian girl Merve Dibo came to meet him in his village and later both of them got married. Sultan Kosen is currently living a happy life with his family.

The Tallest Man in the World So Far?

Who is the Tallest Man in the World

Name: Robert Wadlow
Born: 22 February 1918
Nationality: Americon
Known For Tallest Human
Robert Wadlow Height 272 cm (8 ft. 11.1 in.)

If we look at the whole history, then the tallest man in the world has ever been Robert Pershing Wadlow. At the age of 21, he became the tallest person in the world. His height continued to grow throughout his life. When measured a few days before his death, he was 272 cm (8 ft 11.1 in). Born in Alton, Illinois, United States, Robert Wadlow is also known as “Alton Giant” and “Giant of Illinois”.

Robert Wadlow was born on February 22, 1918. His father’s name was Harold Franklin Wadlow and mother’s name was Eddie Wadlow. He was the eldest of five siblings.

Due to the ‘hyperplasia‘ of the pituitary gland, the level of growth hormone in his body started increasing abnormally, which increased his length. At the age of just 8, he was taller than his father. By the time he completed his education at Alton High School in 1936, he was 254 cm (8 ft 4 in) tall.

In 1936, he became famous when he went on a tour of America with “Ringling Brothers Circus” and appeared in front of the people in “Madison Square Garden” and “Boston Garden”. In 1938, the International Shoe Company included Robert Wadlow in its shoe promotional event.

At the age of 21, his height exceeded 267 cm (8 ft 9 in) and he became the world’s tallest man.

Wadlow did not undergo surgery for his tumor and as long as he survived, his length continued to grow. He died on July 15, 1940, at the age of 22. At that time his height was 272 cm (8 ft 11.1 in).


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