Who is the Oldest Person Alive in the World 2023?

Who is the Oldest Person Alive in the World 2023

Do you know Who is the oldest Person alive in the World? If no, then don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Who is the Oldest Person alive in the World Right Now and list of oldest people.

For centuries, mankind has been engaged in solving the mystery of longevity. In fact, according to the Bible, before the flood, people lived for 900 years. And Methuselah lived for 969 years.

However, scientists still don’t know why this or that person becomes super-long livery. Some of these lucky ones have been drinking, smoking and accustomed to “various evil excesses” throughout their lives, while someone follows a strict diet and leads a perfect lifestyle. We don’t even know the answer to this question. But we know who the oldest person is alive in the world.

Guinness World Records can confirm that Sister Andre (France, born 11 February 1904 as Lucille Randon) is now officially the oldest person alive at the age of 118 years and 308 days.

After the tragic news that Ken Tanaka (Japan) had passed away the date of 19 April 2022, she has become the record holder for the oldest person alive (female) and overall.

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Who is the Oldest Person Alive in the World?

Lucile Randon, who took the name of Sister Andre in 1944, is the second oldest French person and the second oldest European person ever recorded. She is a French supercentenarian. At 118 years and 301 days old, she is the world’s oldest verified living person since 19 April 2022. Death of Kane Tanaka after. She is currently the fourth-oldest human ever recorded

Who is the Oldest Person alive 2023
Lucile Randon Image Credit: Flickr

Lucile Randon has lived a full life and in her young years worked as a teacher, a governance and child caretaker during World War II.

After the war, she spent 28 years working with orphans and elderly people at a hospital in the Vichy, Obergen-Ron-Alps region before becoming a Catholic nun.

Devoting most of her life to religious service, Sister Andre also holds the record of being the oldest nun. In 2019 she was made an honorary citizen of the city in which she lives, received a letter from The Toolan, Provence-Elpis-Côte d’Azure region, France, and Pope Francis.

Recently, Sister Andrey got another shocking record for the oldest COVID-19 survivor. Having already lived through the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, he tested positive for coronavirus on 16 January 2021, and was quickly isolated in his retirement home to prevent the virus from spreading.

Defying the odds, he gave up the virus after three weeks with no symptoms or side effects other than a little fatigue, at the time of celebrating his 117th birthday.

Sister Andre has been living in her retirement home for the last 12 years. Now she is partially deaf and uses a wheelchair but prefers to keep her mind active. They pick me up at 7 am, they give me my breakfast, then they put me on my table where I’m busy with small things.

She indulges in sweets again and again, especially chocolate which is her “guilty pleasure“, and drinks a glass of wine every day.

“Her glass of wine sustains her, and which is probably her longevity secret.” I don’t know – I don’t encourage people to drink a glass of wine every day!” said a staff member of Sister Andre’s care home.

Incidentally, the oldest man ever, Jean Louise Calment, was also French, and also thought chocolate and harbor were his secrets to a long life.

Jeanne Calment, who was born on 21 February 1875, was 122 years 164 days old.

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Here The List of Top 10 Oldest Person in the World

Here The List of Top 10 Oldest Person in the World According to Wikipedia

NameSexDate of BirthDeath of DateAgeNationality
Jeanne CalmentF21 February 18754 August 1997122 yearsFrance
Kane TanakaF2 January 190319 April 2022119 yearsJapan
Sarah KnaussF24 September 188030 December 1999119 yearsUnited States
Lucile RandonF11 February 1904Living118 yearsFrance
Nabi TajimaF4 August 190021 April 2018117 yearsJapan
Marie-Louise MeilleurF29 August 188016 April 1998117 yearsCanada
Violet BrownF10 March 190015 September 2017117 yearsJamaica
Emma MoranoF29 November 189915 April 2017117 yearsItaly
Chiyo MiyakoF2 May 190122 July 2018117 yearsJapan
Misao OkawaF5 March 18981 April 2015117 yearsJapan

Here The List of Top 10 Oldest Living People

NameSexDate of BirthAgeNationality
Lucile RandonF11 February 1904118 years, 308 daysFrance
Maria Branyas MoreraF4 March 1907115 years, 287 daysSpain
Fusa TatsumiF25 April 1907115 years, 235 daysJapan
Bessie HendricksF7 November 1907115 years, 39 daysUnited States
Edie CeccarelliF5 February 1908114 years, 314 daysUnited States
Kahoru FuruyaF18 February 1908114 years, 301 daysJapan
Tomiko ItookaF23 May 1908114 years, 207 daysJapan
Inah Canabarro LucasF8 June 1908114 years, 191 daysBrazil
Hazel PlummerF19 June 1908114 years, 180 daysUnited States
Kimiko OnoF20 June 1908114 years, 179 daysJapan


Q1) Who is the Oldest Person in the World Right Now?

Ans. Lucile Randon

Q2) Who is the Oldest Person in the World Dead?

Ans. Jeanne Calment

Q3) Who is the Oldest Man Alive in the World

Ans. Saturnino de la Fuente García is the oldest man alive with the age of 113 years, 203 days from Venezuela.


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