What is JavaScript and its Features-Version of JS in 2023

What is JavaScript and its Features

In this post we will tell you What is JavaScript and its Features. The benefits of Java Script, what type of programming language. If you have a little knowledge about web development or coding, you must have heard about JavaScript at some time or the other. Maybe many of you have also used JavaScript, today through this post we are going to increase general information about your Java Script.

Regarding Java Script, here we will explain all the information to you in such an easy language that you will find it very easy to learn this language. If you want to become a web designer or web developer, then you should also know about HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript, only then you can create an attractive and user friendly website.

What is JavaScript Definition?

Java Script is a very important and popular computer programming language that can make HTML web pages more interactive. this is a very powerful scripting language, this language supports almost all operating systems and web browsers. According to Wikipedia JavaScript is One of the main techniques of the World Wide Web with HTML and CSS. By 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior, often including third-party libraries.

In today’s time, almost every small and big company uses JavaScript, with the help of this language, it can create dynamic pages and with the help of this language You can create dynamic web pages with JavaScript and also it is used to create mobile applications, web applications, games, etc.

Although the official name of JavaScript is ECMAscript, but people know it as JavaScript. JavaScript is a lightweight Scripting language.

JavaScript is a Client Side Scripting as well as Server Side Scripting. To understand JavaScript better, it is important to understand what client side and server side scripting is, so we will know this before proceeding in the article.

What is Client-Side JavaScript.

A script that runs on a user’s browser is called Client-Side Scripting. Users can view the code of Client-Side JavaScript on their browser because it runs on the browser.

  • A script that runs on a user’s browser is called a client-side script.
  • Whenever the user sends a request for a webpage, the server sends the code of JavaScript along with the HTML of that page to the browser, now it is the responsibility of the browser to execute that JavaScript code if needed.
  • You can view the code of the client-side JavaScript on your browser as it runs on the browser.

What is Server-Side JavaScript.

A script or programming that runs on a server and not on a browser is called server side scripting. It can access the server’s files, Detabase. Users cannot view server side scripting code on the browser because they stay in the server and execute there.

  • A program made up of server side scripting or programming runs not on the browser but on the server. It can access the server’s files, databases, etc.
  • After the program execution, its output converts into HTML and reaches the user’s browser and appears there.
  • And you Can not see their code on the browser because all the code is on the server and executed there.
  • Node.js allows you to do backend programming on the server side using JavaScript.
  • You must have heard about PHP, ASP.Net, JSP, etc. these are all server side programming languages.

What are the frameworks of JavaScript?

The frameworks most frequently used are React JS, Angular JS, Create JS, jQuery, nodeJS, etc.

History of JavaScript

JavaScript was invented in 1995 by Netscape communication corporation programmer named Brendan Eich. It took only 10 days to create this scripting language. At that time, it was initially named Mocha, after which it was changed to LiveScript and finally JavaScript.

Although its official name was given ‘ECMAScript’, people still called it JavaScript. It was first used in Netscape browser version 2.0B3 in Dec 1995.
This was followed by the release of ECMAScript 2 and 3 in 1998, which is today’s modern JavaScript.

Nowadays almost all big websites, even Google, Facebook use JavaScript. At that time Netscape had a strong presence in the youth web. Netscape Communicator, which was ncsa’s first browser, became quite popular. But later when Microsoft created Internet Explorer, its popularity decreased significantly.

Version of JavaScript

All versions of JavaScript so far are as follows –

JavaScript VersionRelease Year
JavaScript 1 (ES1)1997
JavaScript 2 (ES2)1998
JavaScript 3 (ES3)1999
JavaScript 4 (ES4)Has never been released
JavaScript 5 (ES5)2009
JavaScript 6 (ES6)2015
JavaScript 7 (ES7)2016
JavaScript 8 (ES8)2017
JavaScript 9 (ES9)2018

Features of JavaScript

Some important features of JavaScript make it special. Some of these features are as follows –

  • JavaScript can be run in any Web Browser without compiling.
  • This is an Object Oreinted Language, but the way objects are handled in it is different from pure Object Oreinted languages like Java, C++.
  • Create a Dynamic Web Page with JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is a case sensitive programming language.
  • It’s a lightweight scripting language.
  • JavaScript supports almost all web browsers and operating systems.
  • Text, image, table, link, etc. can be added after event occurrence in JavaScript.
  • Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript has functions for determining date and time.
  • JavaScript is very fast because it expands on the client side.
  • JavaScript is used in ClientSide as well as server side.

Apart from this, JavaScript has a lot of features, due to which this language is so popular.

Uses of JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Which is used to add automations, animations, and interactivity to web pages. Web developers use JavaScript to complicate web pages. Let’s know what you can do using JavaScript.

  • Form Validation: When the user receives an input on a form, verify that the entered data is in the correct format such as email, mobile no. etc.
  • Popup Windows: Popups such as alert dialog box, confirm dialog box, etc. can also be created with JavaScript.
  • Drop Down Menu: Dynamic drop down menu can be created for the website.
  • Image Slider: To make the website beautiful, you can also create an image slider with the help of JavaScript.
  • Animation: It is also used to animate the elements of the website and to create different animation effects.
  • Autocomplete: You must have seen on Google, when we type something in the text box, suggestions start coming underneath it. These kinds of things you can create with JavaScript.
  • Browser Detection: Users can find out which browser they are using.
  • Cookies: Some information can be stored in the user’s browser and when the user visits again, you can access it.

Apart from all this, there are many areas where JavaScript is used to create a server application in Computer. But these are important areas where JavaScript is used more.

What tools are required for JavaScript?

You don’t need a special tool to code javascript and run it, so you just need two things in your system:

  • Code Editor: You can use a normal text editor such as notepad to write code or use any one in a code editor such as Notepad++, VS code, Dreamweaver, Sublime, Brackets, etc.
  • Browser: One can use a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc|

Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Often people think that the difference between Java and JavaScript is the same. But there is really nothing like that. So let’s know about the difference between these two.

  • JavaScript is not the same as Java at all. I want to tell you once more that JavaScript and Java are both different.
  • By the way, the names of these two are very similar, which create a doubt in the minds of people. While this language is primarily used as a scripting language in HTML pages, Java is a real programming language that is used entirely in other work.
  • At the same time, learning Java can be a little difficult. It was developed by the Sun Microsystem for use in all things that needed computing power.
  • JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich, who used to work at Netscape at the time, he developed it as a client side scripting language (there is no fundamental reason why it cannot be used in a server side environment).
  • Originally the name of this language was Live Script, but when it was about to be released, Java became very popular. So at the last possible moment, Netscape changed its name to “JavaScript”.
  • Both Java and JavaScript are synonyms of C and C++, but these languages work completely differently from their ancestors. Both languages are object oriented yes and they also share some similar syntax. But there are more differences than similarities.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Fast Execution: This is fast because it runs on the client side and does not require much server interaction.
  • Cross Platform: It can work easily in any operating system and any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Easy to learn: This language is very simple, and it is very easy to learn. Its code syntax is very simple, and it is like Java and C language.
  • Interoperability: JavaScript can be blended with any other programming language and script. It can be inserted into any type of file.
  • Event-based programming: JavaScript allows you to create programs that are executed when a particular event like button click, mouse hover, etc.
  • Procedural programming: JavaScript also has features of procedural programming such as branching, looping, conditioning, etc.
  • Popularity: According to the Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYPL), it is at number three after Python and Java in the list of popular programming languages in November 2020. After the arrival of node.js, its use as backend programming has been steadily increasing.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Security Issues: As you know, it is executed on the client’s browser, so it is not very secure, although keeping in mind the security, some restrictions have been placed inside JavaScript such as it cannot read or write the files of the user’s system| Despite these restrictions, some malicious codes may still run
  • JavaScript rendering varies: It can work differently on different browsers, that is, its outputs are not consistent on platforms right now

How to Learn JavaScript

There are many options available in today’s time to learn JavaScript. You can learn JavaScript both online and offline. You can use the methods described below to learn JavaScript.

Online website

The best way to learn JavaScript is on an online website. There are many websites on the Internet where you can learn JavaScript as well as other programming languages, some of them we have suggested to you –

YouTube Videos

Nowadays almost every type of content is available in YouTube. Searching the JavaScript tutorial on YouTube will give you plenty of channels from where you can learn JavaScript.

Online Courses

You can also learn JavaScript through an online course. Nowadays online courses are becoming increasingly popular. In this, you do not have to go to any teacher or to any institute. You can learn a lot of things sitting at home.

You can also join the online course to learn JavaScript, some popular online courses we have suggested you from where you can learn JavaScript –

  • Udemy
  • Codeacademy
  • Lynda
  • EDX

Coaching Institute

You can also learn JavaScript by joining a nearby coaching institute in your city. However, the fees of the institute that teach coding are slightly higher.


You can also learn JavaScript by buying javascript-related books from the market and through continuous practice. You can see an online tutorial related to JavaScript along with the book, this will also make you understand quickly.


Q1) Who are the Developers of JavaScript?

Ans. JavaScript was created in 1995 by Brendon Eich.

Q3) What is the Official Name of JavaScript?

Ans. The official name for JavaScript is ECMAscript.

Q4) What is the Main Purpose of JavaScript?

Ans. JavaScript is mainly used to make HTML documents interactive.

Q5) What Programming languages do you need to become a Web Designer?

Ans. To become a web designer, you need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


I hope now you know What is JavaScript from this article. It has always been my endeavor to provide readers with complete information about the difference between Java and JavaScript. that will help you learn JavaScript language? JavaScript is also very important for becoming a professional web designer. You can learn all three web devlopment languages with continuous practice.

if you got to learn something from this article, do not forget to share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions regarding this post, then you can tell us by commenting as well as you help us to share it as much as possible.

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