What is Computer – History, Features and Types?

What is Computer – features, types and uses

Let’s know What is Computer. A Computer is a machine that can process data and perform calculations. The term computer refers to hardware, software, and firmware that is used to process data.

In simple language, it is a machine that can process data and do calculations. The term “computer” refers to the hardware, software, and firmware that is used to process data. Computers have been used since the early 20th century, but they became widespread with the advent of personal computers in the 1980s.

So we can call the computer an advanced electronic device that takes raw data from the user in terms of input. Then it processes that data through the program (set of instruction) and publishes the end result as output. It processes both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations. You know what a computer is and from a little bed.

What is Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to perform arithmetic or a set of logical operations automatically. That’s the easiest answer to what a computer is.

Computer is an electrical device made by humans which is made up of software and hardware, computer is an automatic machine working according to instructions, which is a very useful and important machine for humans, in today’s time, computer has a big contribution, human life cannot be imagined without a computer, after the invention of the computer, our life has become very simple.

The computer consists of three main components: input, processing, and output. The input is usually a keyboard and mouse. The processing component is usually in the form of a microprocessor or central processing unit (CPU). The output is usually on the display screen, such as a monitor or television.

How does the Computer Work?

The process of functioning of the computer is completed in a phased manner:

Input → Processing → Output

  • Input (Data): Input is the step in which raw information is inserted into the computer using an input device. It can be a letter, picture or any video.
  • Process: The data input during the process is processed according to the instruction. This is a completely internal process.
  • Output: The data that has already been processed during the output is shown in terms of results. And if we want, we can save this result and keep it in memory for future use.

A computer is a device used to store, process, and transmit data. They are used for anything from storing files and documents to sending emails.

Computers are electronic devices that can store and process data through the use of microchips. The first computer was invented in the 1940s by a team of scientists led by British mathematician Alan Turing. The computer was designed to calculate artillery tables for the British Army.

The word “computer” is derived from the word “count”, which means “to detect”. Computers are around 1938 when they were invented by British mathematician Alan Turing.

What can Computers Do?

Computers are used in many ways. Computers are used for calculating, storing, and communicating information. Computers are also used for many other tasks.

A computer is a machine that can be programmed to automatically perform a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations using binary language and logic. Computers can be classified into three categories: personal computers, servers, and mainframes.

Personal computers are the most common type of computers because they are usually cheaper than servers or mainframes and they come with fewer technical support requirements than servers or mainframes. Personal computers can be classified into two types: desktop PCs and laptop PCs. Desktop PCs have larger screens than laptop PCs, but they usually require more space because the screen is not built into the computer itself like laptop PCs do.

What is the full form of COMPUTER?

Technically, there is no full form of computer. The full form of computer is “computer”, yet there is an imaginary full form of computer,

  • C – Commonly
  • O – Operated
  • M – Machine
  • P – Particularly
  • U – Used for
  • T – Technical and
  • E – Educational
  • R – Research

Types of Computer

But computer does not only mean the computer that is commonly found in your homes, on the basis of methodology, computers have been classified in three ways, in which

1- Analog Computer

2- Digital Computer

3- Hybrid Computer

What is Analog Computer

They are used to measure physical units pressure, temperature, length, speed, etc., let’s understand a little more, talk about meteorology, you have designed analog computers to collect data on air pressure, how much moisture or rain in the atmosphere or how much was the lowest or highest temperature today.

  • Rain gauge – This measures the amount of rainfall at a particular place
  • Hygrometer – It measures the humidity prevailing in the atmosphere
  • Anemometer – It measures the power and speed of air

That is, all these analog computers collect physical data.

What is Digital Computer

Digital computers are computers that you usually use in your homes, in offices, in which data is fed digitally and output is received. Most digital computers are used and are usually available in the markets, digital computers convert data and programs into 0 and 1 i.e., binary and take it to electronic form.

What is Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computers have the same properties as analog computers (analog computers) and digital computers. These computers are considered to be more reliable than analog and digital; their job is to make the data obtained from analog computers available in digital form, they are most commonly used in medicine, meteorology.

History of Computer

This is the case of the 18th century when the whole world was completely unaware of the name of technology, man believed in whatever he saw with his eyes, the people of the world had nothing to do with technology.

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was very interested in mathematics since childhood, due to which he later invented the computer, Charles ji claimed to have built a computer on June 14, 1822, although many historians deny that Charles Babbage invented the computer.

Although it is believed that Charles Babbage managed to make a computer machine but could not make that machine completely, in the beginning he invented a very large size machine because Charles was a student of mathematics, so the purpose of making this machine was to calculate the numbers under which he invented this machine.

At that time Charles ji had named this machine as a difference engine, but this machine could only calculate, it could not tell whether the calculation was correct or not, which only one computer can tell, so many experts have different opinions about the invention of the computer.

But after this, during the 18th century, Charles Babbage invented the computer, after people became interested in knowing and understanding this technology. Then many things were changing with time, but still the people of the world had no idea of becoming a computer-like machine, while scientists from different countries were engaged in finding new things.

The second biggest day in the era of technology came when German scientist Konrad Russ invented a programming computer, it was between 1936 and 1938. The invention of this programming computer was very important because he first invented the programming computer.

Charles Babbage’s machine largely worked on the human brain, but Konrad Juice’s computer itself ran on programming.

After the invention of Conrad juice, the new revolution was communicated in European countries, the demand for computers was increasing with time, the invention of computers affected many people, it can do the work of thousands of people alone, which used to take a lot of time to do, now that work is done in a jiffy. It takes it in a short time, due to which people start getting attracted to computers.

Although at that time people had thought that the programming computer that Konrad Juice has invented is the last modern invention in the world, but perhaps people had an idea that in the coming time, there would be a better invention than this invention. Again time passed rapidly and new changes kept coming in the world of technology day by day, every new change used to surprise a person and make him think that science is dominating the world very fast.

A few years after the invention of Konrad juice, people became the people of a new invention in the world of technology. When J. Pressper Eckert gave the world the first electronic computer, this computer was completely digital, the biggest thing was that since this computer, every electronic device started coming in digital form. The digital clock replaced the needle clock being used for years, all these things came after finding the computer, Eckert discovered the digital computer in 1946.

Generations History of Computers

Computer generations refer to the period that began in the 1940s, in which computer technology developed the fastest.

In every generation, computers technology continued to evolve, as well as their size also changed. What was special about the computers of a generation, let’s know.

First Generation:1946 – 1956
Second Generation:1956 – 1964
Third Generation:1964 – 1971
Fourth Generation:1971 – Present
Fifth Generation:Present and Future

Advantage of Computers

By the way, it will not be wrong to say that the computer has made the life of us humans very easy with the help of its incredible speed, accuracy and storage.

With this, people can save anything whenever they want and find anything easily. We can say that the computer is a very versatile machine because it is very flexible in doing its jobs.

But despite this, we can also say that the computer is a very versatile machine because it is very flexible in doing its work, while these machines also have some important advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s know about them.

1. Multitasking

Multitasking is a very big advantage of computers. In this, a person can easily calculate multiple tasks, multiple operations, numerical problems, that too in a few seconds. Computers can easily calculate trillions of instructions per second.

2. Speed

It is no longer just a calculating device. Now it has become a very important part of our lives.

Its very big advantage is its high speed, which helps it to complete any task, that too in a very short time. Almost all operations can be done immediately, otherwise it would have taken a lot of time to do them.

3. Cost / Stores large amounts of data

It’s a low-cost solution. Because in this, a person can save a lot of data in a low budget. Using a centralized database, very high quantity of information can be stored, so that the cost can be earned to a great extent.

4. Accuracy

These computers are very accurate about their calculation, the chances of making mistakes are negligible.

5. Data Security

Protecting digital data is called data security. Computers protect our digital data from unauthorized users such as cyberattack or access attack.

Disadvantage of Computer

Now let’s know about some disadvantages of computer (computer losses).

1. Viruses and hacking attacks

A virus is a destructive program and hacking is called unauthorized access in which the owner does not know about you.

These viruses can be easily spread through email attachment, sometimes even usb, or they can be transmitted to your computer from an infected website.

At the same time, once it reaches your computer, it destroys your computer.

2. Online Cyber Crimes

Computers and networks are used to do these online cyber-crimes. Cyberstalking and identity theft also come under these online cyber-crimes.

3. Decrease in employment opportunity

Since the computer is able to do many tasks at once, there is a lot of damage to the employment opportunity.
Therefore, from the banking sector to any governmental sector, you see that all computers are given more importance in the place of people. So, unemployment is only increasing.

Talking about the second disadvantage, it does not have an IQ, it depends entirely on the users, it has no feeling, it cannot take any decision on its own.

What will be the Future of the Computer?

The future of computers is not only of hardware and software, but also of the people who use them. As we move into a new era of computing, it is important to acknowledge that the future of technology will be shaped by how we interact with it.

Computers are evolving at an exponential rate. The reason for this is advances in artificial intelligence. In the future, computers will be able to do much more than just provide us with information and take care of our basic needs. They will be able to perform tasks that are currently performed by humans, such as driving a car or writing articles.

There will be a lot of changes in the future of computers. It will be more intuitive and natural to use. It will be able to process data very fast. Nowadays scientists are doing more research on optical computers, DNA computers, neural computers and quantum computers. Along with this, a lot of attention is also being paid to artificial intelligence so that it can do its work smoothly on its own.

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