What is Airbag in Car – How its Work?

What is Airbag in Car

What is Airbag in Car: In today’s time, the demand for cars is increasing, due to which the risk of accidents is also increasing due to more traffic on the road. Therefore, the Government of India has made it mandatory to have airbags on both sides of the front for passenger safety in cars.

But do you know what this airbag is and how it works? If not, then it does not matter, because in today’s article you will learn about airbags in detail. Such as what is airbag in Hindi, how the airbag works, what material the airbag is made of, etc. So let’s go ahead and know the complete information related to airbags in Hindi.

What is Airbag? –

The airbag car has a cotton bag that works to save the passenger in the event of an accident. It opens automatically at the time of the accident. These airbags are installed in the steering wheel, doors and dashboard of the car. This feature is given for the safety of the passenger in the car.

How Does Airbag work?

The airbag automatically opens when a car collides at the time of an accident. The airbag opens at a speed of 320 kilometers per hour in less than a second. In the event of an accident, the sensor becomes active and sends a signal to the airbag to open and the inflator under the steering becomes active as soon as the signal is received. The inflator produces nitrogen gas by chemically processing it with sodium azide. In the event of an accident, the nitrogen-filled airbag comes openly in front of us and saves us from getting injured.

Airbag Working Principle

There are three main components of the airbag system:

  • Inflatable Bag – It is made of thin nylon fabric and folded in inactive position and fitted inside the steering wheel.
  • Impact Sensor – This sensor sends a signal to the airbag to open in case of an accident.
  • Inflation System – The actual work of inflation of the bag is done by this system. As soon as this system signals from the sensor it undergoes a chemical reaction between sodium azide (NaN3) and potassium nitrate (KNo3). As a result, it produces nitrogen, which makes the bag bloated.

Types of Airbags

  1. Frontal airbags – These airbags are installed in the steering wheel and now they also include shaped airbags.
  2. Passenger Airbag – It is used to save passengers other than the driver.
  3. Side Airbag – This bag is used to provide protection from T-bone or side crash in the event of an accident.
  4. Knee Airbag – This airbag is fitted under the steering wheel and provides protection to the knees and feet in case of an accident.
  5. Side Tubular – It protects the head in a collision from the side at the time of the accident.
  6. Rear Curtain Airbag – This airbag provides head protection to the passengers sitting behind during the rear end crash.
  7. Rear Center Airbag – This bag was invented to protect passengers sitting behind during the collision from injury.

What Gas is Filled in the Airbag?

The airbag is filled with sodium aside gas, which produces nitrogen gas by chemically processing at the last minute, which makes the airbag swell in 0.3 seconds.

What is the Airbag Made of?

The airbag is made of cotton with a silicone coating on it.

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Keep these Precautions in a Car with Airbags?

While driving the car, the driver should sit a little away from the steering wheel as there may be a sharp shock when the airbag is opened. Also, due to sitting near the steering wheel, the airbag does not open properly, due to which the driver is not completely safe.

Airbags in the car can work properly only when the seat belt is worn, so it is necessary for everyone to wear a seat belt.

There should never be decorative items on the dashboard of the car because the airbag is not able to work properly due to the goods placed on the dashboard when hit by someone.

Some cars have side airbags, so when the seat cover is installed, it is difficult to open the airbag, due to which the passenger may get hurt. The seat with side airbags should not always be covered.

In an airbag car, the driver should never put feet on the dashboard. It can be dangerous for him. When the airbag opens, its leg can be hurt because the speed of opening of the airbag is very high.

Does the Airbag Work Only When Wearing a Seat Belt?

Seat belts must be worn in cars with airbags because airbags are always tested with seat belts. During the accident, seatbelts and airbags work together to save lives. The airbag works even if you are not wearing a seat belt. But wherever there are air bags in the car, SRS is written. It means supplementary restraining system. In simple language, this means that the airbag is not the only life-saving device in the car. So definitely wear a seat belt.

How Safe is the Airbag?

What is Airbag in Car

Due to the airbag in the car, both the driver and the passenger sitting in the next seat are safe. Because most of the deaths at the time of accident are due to collision with the passenger’s head, steering and dashboard. Therefore, airbags help to save the passenger. As soon as the car collides, the airbag opens and saves the person sitting inside.

The Government of India has also approved the safety of those sitting in the car. Now companies will be required to install Airbags for the front seat (driver and next seat) in new cars. Now the new models of all cars will have airbags. After this, all car companies will have to pay attention to this special feature.

Price of Airbags

The price of airbags varies from car to car. The price of was airbag ranges from 3000 to 25000, depending on the company and model of the car. The cost of airbags of some cars is almost as follows –

  • Honda Amaze Airbags — 7500 / 7500 grind
  • Maruti Suzuki Airbags — 7500 / 7500 grind
  • Skoda Airbags —8000/8000 grind
  • Volkswagen Vento Airbags — 8900 / 8900 grind
  • Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other luxury cars – 10000-25000 /- 25000 grind.


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