Julian McMahon as Jesse “Jess” LaCroix, FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Team Leader. 

Jess LaCroix

Kellan Lutz as Kenny Crosby, FBI Special Agent and ex-Army Intelligence officer.

Kellan Lutz

Roxy Sternberg as Sheryll Barnes, FBI Special Agent and second in command of the Fugitive Task Force.

Roxy Sternberg

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Hana Gibson, FBI Special Agent and Intelligence Analyst for the Team.

Nathaniel Arcand

Nathaniel Arcand as Clinton Skye, FBI Special Agent and LaCroix’s brother-in-law.

YaYa Gosselin

YaYa Gosselin as Tali LaCroix, daughter of Jess LaCroix and his wife, Angelyne and niece of Clinton Skye.

Miguel Gomez

Miguel Gomez as Ivan Ortiz , an FBI agent originally from Los Angeles and who worked with the FBI's counter-terrorism unit in Washington D.C.

Alexa Davalos

Alexa Davalos as Kristin Gaines, FBI Special Agent formerly with the Miami Field Office. 

Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott, FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Jess's replacement as Team Leader.

Edwin Hodge

Edwin Hodge as Ray Cannon, FBI Special Agent and former NOPD cop who later became a junior detective as well as the newest member of the Fugitive Task Force.