Top 10 Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know!

Top 10 Mobile Photography Tips

In these days of mobile photography, do you also want to take the best photos from your smartphone? Do you also want to get a lot of likes and comments on your photos whenever you share them on social media?

After the camera phone is upgraded day by day, photography has become accessible to everyone, but it is not as easy as it seems to look.

To take great photos with a mobile camera, you need to take care of some basic things, about which we are going to talk about in this article. By taking care of these 10 mobile photography tips and practicing, you can also do great photography.

Top 10 Mobile Photography Tips

1. Keep your smartphone camera lens clean

Now you must be thinking that if there is a tip that will affect my photography, then you are wrong here.

If the mobile phone is in our hands or pockets most of the time, then it may be that dust, dirt or your fingerprints come on top of the lens.

If you do not clean your camera’s lens before taking a photo, then keep in mind that the quality of your photo can also be bad.

2. Use Tap to Focus and Get Sharp Photos

Let’s clean the lens, but still the photo has not come as sharp as it should be. Do you know what is the reason for this?

The reason for this is the autofocus system of the camera i.e., whenever you take a photo, the camera will set the focus according to itself, so the part you want to keep in focus may not come into focus on its own.

For this, you have to do this, once you tap on the screen while composing the photo, where you are going to be fully focused.

Now as soon as you tap on any place of the screen once, there will be a square box or a sphere that will tell that your focus is going to be on that place.

Now just press the shutter button and click the photo and you will find that your photo is very sharp in exactly the way you wanted it.

3. Use the HDR feature of the mobile and get the best photos

You must have noticed that often in the afternoon or when the light is too high, the camera’s exposure does not come properly. At the point when there is a scene before you where there is a great deal of differentiation, then the cell phone camera can’t catch the dull and light region appropriately around then.

Whenever you take this type of photo, then either your subject will be immersed in darkness or will become overexposed.

Overall, a mobile phone’s camera does not fully understand the difference between light and dark and for this, HDR mode has to be used.

HDR means high dynamic range and with its help, the mobile camera captures the best photograph by understanding the clear difference between shadow and highlights.

4. Use portrait mod to blur background in mobile photography

We often do photography of our friends or family members with mobile phones, but what is it that makes a common photo different from a professional photo?

In a professional photo, you must have seen that the back area is absolutely blurry, which is called background blur.

If you have a DSLR camera then it is possible, but do you know that there is also a feature in the mobile phone called Portrait Mode and with the help of this you can also take great photographs.

Although the background blur in portrait mod is done with the help of a software, it looks quite good and professional. So whenever you are going to take a photo of any person, use portrait mode.

5. Use the exposure slider of the smartphone camera

Exposure is very important in photography and if your photo is overexposed or underexposed then it looks very bad. Many times you must have seen that whenever you go to take a photo, you find the screen very bright or sometimes it sinks in the dark, then how to control it.

To control this thing, you can use the exposure slider given in the mobile camera.

Once you tap on the camera screen, you will look like a slider and if you raise it, then your exposure will increase and if you lower it, then your exposure will decrease. In this way, you can control your exposure according to the lighting in any scene.

6. Use burst mode to shoot the action shot correctly.

Our smartphone camera has more than one feature. Which most people do not use or do not know about it.

Many times you must have felt that whenever you take a photo of a fast-running subject, it becomes blurred or out of focus. For example, shooting a photo of your children playing in the garden or an action sport.

These types of action scenes require fast shutter speeds to pull correctly, which the mobile camera’s auto mode is unable to do.

For this, you use the burst mode given in your camera, through which the camera will take many photos of the same scene very fast and you can use it by taking a perfect photo from it.

7. Use all the lenses provided in your mobile camera for beautiful photos.

Look at your camera phone and tell me how many lenses it has in total and for whom are they given?

Most of today’s phones are coming with three and four lenses and whatever camera is given in them has different purposes, which you must know about.

Most mid-range phones have an ultra-wide angle and macro lenses that you can use to take great photos. For example, whenever you want to capture a group photo or a great landscape, use an ultra-wide lens and if you want to focus a small object from very close, then you can use a macro lens.

8. Use tripods to take sharp photos

We always do mobile photography by hand, but sometimes the photo becomes blurry due to shaking hands.

Most of the time this problem occurs when the light is low because at that time the shutter of the camera opens more to capture more light.

Now in this situation, if your hand moves even a little, then the photo becomes moving, which does not look good at all.

The solution is the use of tripods. You do not take very large and heavy tripods available in the market, but nowadays selfie sticks with light tripods are coming, they can be used better.

9. In mobile photography, you can also take great photographs by changing the camera angle.

Most of the photos from mobile are taken at the level of our eyes, so that all the photos look almost the same.

Many times, while taking photos, you should change your camera angle and you will find that after changing the perspective, your photo looks very good. For example, if you take a photo of a flower from above, then you may have a pot or soil etc. in your background, which will not look good.

At the same time, if you take a photo of the flower from under the sky in the background, then it will have a different effect and look exactly like professional.

10. Improve your photo editing skills too

Now that you have taken a photo, do basic editing before uploading it on any social media. If you know advanced acting, then it is a very good thing and even if you do not know, you must know basic photo editing.

For photo editing, you can use some free applications such as Snapseed and with the help of it, you can make your photo even better by adjusting the color correction, brightness level and much more in the photo.

Mobile photography is not as easy as it looks, but you can take great photos by using and practicing the tips mentioned above. These mobile photography tips are quite basic, and you do not need to know advance photography for them. So just follow these tips from today and take great photos.

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