What is the Population of Australia 2023

If you also want to know about Australia, then you also need to know about the Population of Australia, to get information about a country, it is also necessary to know the population there, it shows how the people there are living their lives.

During this time, you can see the news of this country in all the news channels. Australia is a country that is inhabited by an entire continent. As far as we talk about the world’s largest countries in terms of area, this country Russia comes first in this list. At the same time, Australia comes in sixth place in this list.

Now this country is present in the top 10 largest countries of the world, so you would think that its population will also be enough, but it is not so at all. So let’s know how much the population of Australia is, hopefully you will like this article.

How was Australia formed?

The fleet moved towards port Jackson, the most suitable location, a few days after arrival at Botany Bay, the first colony in New South Wales, where a settlement was established in Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788. Later this date became Australia’s National Day, Australia Day.

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What is the Population of Australia?

At present, the population of Australia in 2023 is 26,237,413 (26.2 million). Now if we compare it with India, then its Population is equal to any city in India. Apart from this, the total population of Australia is as many people travel by train every day in India. If you look at its history, like India, here too, there was british rule.

It is believed that the British ruled here from the 17th century to the 19th century. In the 17th century, the British captured the original inhabitants here. Initially, the British continued to rule under their native country England, but later the rulers here separated from England and made an independent country of their own.

Population of Australia

Australia now comes under the category of developed countries. And the credit for this goes to the descendants of the British, which does not have enough population in Australia to compete with other countries in trade. Nevertheless, the people here have made this country developed on the basis of their hard work.

Now people from every corner of the world want to settle in Australia. About 4 to 5 lakh people of India are also settled in this country. There is no concern of livelihood here because resources are more according to the population. Let us tell you that this country is very good for living because the standard of living, health, education and economic condition here is very good.

Australia is a country that is inhabited by an entire continent. In such a situation, the number of sea beaches here is more than 10 thousand, if you go to visit one beach in a day, then it will take you 27 years to roam the whole beach.

What is the Hindu Population in Australia?

At present, the Hindu population in Australia is 684002, which has been revealed from recent data, the Hindu population in Australia is growing very fast, recently an official census of the population was conducted in Australia, in which many new figures were obtained.

According to the census, the population of Hindus in Australia was 4,40,300 in 2016, which has increased to 6,84,002 in 2022. It has increased by 2,43,702.

What is the Muslim Population in Australia?

Australia’s Muslim population has grown to 813,392, the second largest religious population after Christians, from 604,240 in 2016 to 813,392 in 2022. However, if we look at the annual growth rate, it is less than the Hindu population.

About 50 years ago, the population of Christians in Australia was 90 percent, but now it has increased to 44 percent, in addition to this, the population of atheist people in Australia has increased to 39 percent.

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Australia’s Population in the Last 10 years

YearsPopulation Growth Rate


Q1) What Percentage of Australia’s Population are Hindus?

Ans: Most of the Hindus in Australia are settled from India and they have a sizeable population in Australia, currently 2.7 percent hindus are in Australia.

Q2) What Percentage of Muslims are there in Australia?

Ans: Although many people still know that Christianity is the most important in Australia and this is also the reality, but the second most populous religion is Muslim.

Q3) What is the Population of Natives in Australia?

Ans: Most of the people in Australia came from outside countries during the British time and settled in Australia, among them the people of England are the most, while talking about the natives here, their population has increased to 8,12,728.

Q4) How much Population did Australia have 10 years ago?

Ans: If you look at the population of Australia 10 years ago, then the population of this country at that time was 22,729,269.

Q5) What percentage of Australia’s Population are Educated?

Ans: Australia’s education system is very good, 92 percent of the population here is educated.

Q6) How many Languages are Spoken in Australia?

Ans: There are 335 languages spoken in the United States and 319 in Australia, these are widely English-speaking countries.

Q7) What is Australia’s main Crop?

Ans: Listen to this, the main crop here. There are many large agricultural farms here. All the farming work is done by machines. Wheat is grown in winter in the continent of Australia.


So now you must have come to know about the population of Australia, there is also a fact related to this country that it has the world’s largest national highway, whose length is 14,500 kilometers. This highway surrounds the whole country and passes through almost all the beaches of the country.

Hope you liked this information, if you like the information, please share it. We’ll meet soon with a new topic.

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