How to Make Bootable Pen Drive 2023?

How to Make Bootable Pen Drive

If you are looking for How to Make Bootable Pen Drive, then this article can be useful for you. For computer booting we usually boot from a CD or DVD which is a traditional method for computer booting.

There was a time when we used CDs or DVDs to install Windows in our system. But times are changing, now we use Pen Drive instead of CD or DVD. Now the question must be coming to your mind that how to make bootable pen drive to do this?

Many people find this work very difficult, so they go to a computer shop or any computer technicians. He charges them about Rs.200 to Rs.300 to install Windows of system format. At the same time, if I say that now you will not have to pay any money and you can do this work easily yourself.

Yes, I’m not lying in friends. Making usb pendrive bootable is a very easy thing. So today I thought why not provide you with complete information about how to boot pendrive so that you do not have any problem in it and you will not have to depend on anyone to do this. Then without delay, let’s start and get complete information about how to make a bootable pen drive.

What is Booting?

When we start our computer, there are some operations that our computer starts performing on its own. These operations are called booting.

In the process of booting, the system checks all the hardwares and software to see if they are installed correctly or attached properly. Also, they load all the files needed in the system.

In this booting process, all the files that are stored are loaded into the ROM chip for the system to run properly. Also, the system reads all the information from the files that are installed in the ROM chip.

After booting, the system automatically displays all the information. If you want to know the process of booting in details, then you have to read the paragraphs below, where I have tried to explain the whole process.

Types of Booting?

By the way, there are mainly two types of booting, which are

  1. Cold Booting
  2. Warm Booting

1. Cold Booting

A cold boot is also called a hard boot. It is the process when we first start the computer. In other words, when the computer is started from its initial state by pressing the power button it is called cold boot. The instructions are read from the ROM and the operating system is loaded in the main memory.

2. Warm Booting

Warm Boot is also called soft boot. It refers to when we restart the computer. Here, the computer does not start from the initial state. When the system gets stuck sometimes it is required to restart it while it is ON. Therefore, in this condition the warm boot takes place. Restart button or CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys are used for warm boot.

Difference Between Cold Booting and Warm Booting

Cold BootingWarm Booting
Cold Booting is Usually called as Hard Booting.Warm Booting is also called as Soft Booting.
Cold Booting is a natural process to start a computer.Warm Booting is a process where user deliberalty restarts computer.
In cold boot temporary memory is cleared.In Warm boot temporary memory is not cleared.
To perform cold boot user has to press POWER ON button from CPU.To Perform warm boot user has to press CTRL+ALT+DEL or RESET key from CPU.
Cold Booting is a Slow process.Warm Booting is comparatively faster process compared to Cold booting.
Power on Self-Test [POST] is executed in cold booting.POST is not included.
The process is done regularly.This process is done occasionally.
Doesn’t affect application software and system software.Application software and system software can get corrupt.

How Does Booting Work?

Let’s understand a few things before you understand booting.

Your operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac), always use your hard drive/drive. The store is only in SSD, along with the rest of the configurations. These operating systems do not operate with hard drives, because secondary storage devices are more slow.

Therefore, the OS (which is actually a program), it is loaded into the main memory (RAM), which is very fast, and it is processed very easily to perform all kinds of tasks from the CPU.

Therefore, in booting, the OS is loaded (precisely this kernel is a component of the OS) in the main memory.

When you power on the system, the first thing that fires up is the BIOS (in which you will see the logo of the manufacturer’s). It is the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) that loads a small program from a special location to your hard drive (which people use mbr/ms). called boot partition), and it’s called bootloader.

It is the bootloader, which is responsible for loading the kernel, and the primary processes, which later load all the small and big processes slowly, and you reach the login screen, in which many processes are running in the background.

How to Make Bootable Pen Drive ?

Everyone knows that the trend of CD / DVD is not yet there, so it has gone from the market. Most users try to install Windows from their pendrive. But for this, Pendrive has to be bootable first, in the system to install Windows.

As simple as it sounds, it is equally simple in doing the same. You can easily install Windows you want with the help of bootable USB pendrive in your laptop or desktop. But often people do not know how to make Pendrive bootable.

To solve this problem of you people, I am going to tell you two easy methods so that you can create a bootable pendrive very easily. Both of them are:

  1. Bootable pen drive software using Rufus
  2. Create bootable USB With the help of run command from ISO

Before creating any bootable USB pen drive, we need windows iso file, which you want to install in your system. So keep the ISO file with you first.

1. Bootable Pen Drive Using Rufus

Step 1⇒ First download Rufus.exe [File Size: 1 MB] file from official site.

Step 2⇒ Insert your pendrive and download the Rufus file together.

Step 3⇒ Click DVD icon and select Windows.iso file.

Step 4⇒ Then click on Start and wait until this process is complete. It takes a few minutes for this process to finish, to copy all iso files into pen drive.
Once the entire process is completed correctly, your pen drive is ready to install windows.

2. Create a Bootable Pen Drive with Run Command?

DiskPart is an external DOS command that is available in all Windows operating systems such as Windows XP 7 8 10 and 10.0. The DISKPART command is the Recovery Console command that helps us delete, create, erase, clean, and format the internal hard disk.

Using FAT 32 and NTFS. Use of DISKPART command in internal hard disk drive and removable disk such as USB flash drive and pen drive Diskpart command is very useful command and it is very powerful Full use of DiskPart command to create USB flash drive

STEP 1⇒ Just click on the Start menu and type disk part in the dialog box Now a pop window will appear to locate the disk part command located at the top. Second, right click on the disk part and choose Run as Administrative. The picture is shown below|

Step 2⇒ Type the LIST DISK and press ENTER.

Step 3⇒ Now select the disk you want to boot, generally disks 1 is selected. Just type LIST DISK and press ENTER from keyboard.

Step 4⇒ Now type SELECT DISK 1 and press ENTER from the keyboard.

Step 5⇒ Type CLEAN.

Step 6⇒ Here in this step you have to create a primary partition, so type CREATE PRIMARY PARTITION and press enter |

Step 7⇒ In this step, you have to format your pen drive so that it can work properly| You have 2 options 1] FAT [FILE ALLOCATION TABLE]

NTFS [New Technology FILE SYSTEM] ⇒ Type to format the pen drive| FORMAT FS =NTFS QUICK and press ENTER [QUICK=FORMAT to complete quickly]

Step 8⇒ You only need to type ACTIVE.

Step 9⇒ You have successfully formatted and made the drive active. Finally go to your Windows CD or DVD and copy all the files and folders and paste in the newly created USB pen drive.

Below I’m going to show you all the DiskPart commands at once..

Benefits of Using a Bootable Pen Drive

Using a USB bootable pendrive does many things for you. Some of these benefits are given below.

  • If your computer’s CD/DVD writer is damaged, you can install Windows OS in the computer with the help of USB bootable Pendrive.
  • If the Windows computer is not booted for any reason, then your USB bootable Pendrive can repair it quickly.
  • You can also live boot windows with USB bootable Pendrive.
  • With software like Virtual Box, you can also install a new Windows in existing Windows. For this, you need a bootable Pendrive.

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