How to Increase Laptop Speed Without any Software?

How to Increase Laptop Speed Without any Software

If you also have your old laptop which hangs a lot and you want to improve it without downloading any third-party software because you are afraid somewhere that my laptop’s data may not be stolen, my laptop will start hanging because the RAM of such a laptop is less. All your fears will be removed, and I will tell you How to Increase Laptop Speed Without any Software of your laptop and your laptop will work like water.

So let’s go what is that process and yes one more thing I will not tell you any software that you download this software and this article is not any sponsor article, it is not about anyone who will tell you if you still have any problem while following me then you will comment to me I will write the article again and I do not think tomorrow I will give you any If there is a problem because I use the way I tell me.

How to speed up Windows 10 and windows 11?

Do You Have A PC/Computer? The speed or performance of the laptop is slowing down day by day, and you are very upset with this problem, so it does not matter because in today’s article we are going to tell you how to increase the speed of Windows 10, so let’s start!

Whatever problems have been solved in this article, it will work on all types of systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11. before know How to Increase Laptop Speed First of all let’s understand The main reasons for laptop slow or hang

The Main Reasons for laptop Slow or Hang?

Whenever there is a problem of slowing down or hanging in your desktop or laptop, your first task should be to find out the reasons for it, because without knowing the real reason, the situation can get worse. Many times, the reason for the sudden slow or hang of the computer is the breakdown of hard disk or virus infection.

If there is an error in the hard disk, you can detect it by checking system events, for which you will go to the Control Panel, then double click on event viewer inside administrative tools and open Windows logs and check system logs from bottom to top. Here if there is any problem with the hard disk, you will see the error associated with the disk.

If there is a continuous error related to the disk here, then the reason for the hanging of the computer is your hard disk, change it 100% your problem will be solved.

If your desktop or laptop virus is infected, you can easily detect it. Due to virus infection, there are some changes in the computer on the common point, such as suddenly the web browser is closed while working, folders or files are hidden in Pen drive, new folders or files start being created in Pen drive, Many programs start opening without opening, the computer restarts, all the icons of the desktop are repeatedly hidden, the black screen comes, the command prompt opens on its own, the task manager, or folder option does not open even when opened.

That is, if such a strange activity starts happening in the computer, then understand that the virus is infected. In such a situation, your first task should be to remove the virus infection, for which either you scan the computer completely with a better antivirus software or remove the hard disk and scan it on another computer, after which your problem will end, and the computer will start running as before.

If your computer does not have both of these problems mentioned above, follow the steps mentioned below, which are a routine activity, which you should keep doing from time to time.

How to Boost Laptop Speed?

Here we will tell you some ways that the speed of your desktop or laptop will be better than before, these are the common tips of the computer, which every user should be aware of.

1. How to Fast laptop Speed to Restart Computer?

To increase the speed of Windows 10 & 11, you first need to restart your computer,


You must have ever noticed that when the mobile or computer starts using too much or becomes too hot, then we think it better to restart that device,

How to Increase Laptop Speed
  • So that whatever software is running, it stops and starts again, and the device also runs smoothly.
  • We have to do the same here so that there is no problem in the computer later|

2. How to Delete Temporary Files?

Temporary files are created while working on the computer, and after a time their size increases significantly. On deleting these files, there is space left in the hard disk, as well as the performance of the computer also improves, then temporary files should be deleted every 15 days.

  • To delete them, press the Windows Key +R button on the keyboard, which will open the run.
How to Increase Laptop Speed
  • Then enter by typing Temp on the run, now a window will open in which delete all the temporary files that appear.
How to Increase Laptop Speed
  • Similarly, go to Run again and type %Temp% Select all and delete the files appearing there in the same way.

3. How to Uninstall Software?

When buying a branded new laptop or desktop, it also comes with pre-installed software, which many people do not use, just those software works to surround your computer’s CPU and hard disk space. Similarly, we install new software, but they are never used, or sometimes many software are installed by mistake. So you have to find out all such unwanted software and uninstall them from the computer.

  • To uninstall the software, press the Windows Key+R button on the keyboard, which will open the run.
How to Increase Laptop Speed
  • Then type Appwiz.Cpl and enter it, after which the option of Programs & Features will open, from where you can uninstall all unwanted software.
How to Increase Laptop Speed

4. How to Disable Startup Programs?

Whenever you start your computer, the services of many other software installed on the computer at the time of its boot and start also start automatically, regardless of whether you have to run them or not. That is, those services continue to run in the background unnecessarily, and use CPU. So all such unwanted services can be disable from task manager, that is, those services will run only if you want to use them.

  • To disable the unusable startup program, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons in the keyboard simultaneously and open task manager.
  • Now go to the startup option where you will see a list of all the software installed on the computer.
  • You can disable any of these software you want by right clicking on it that it does not start itself, but keep in mind that do not disable any service related to Microsoft and Antivirus.

5. How to Turn off Visual Effects?

If you want to fully utilize the system resources, you have to disable the visual effects, animations and other features of the system, so that the performance of the system can be improved. With Microsoft Windows, many small features, effects, animations, etc. are also enabled in the system, which can be improved by disable.

  • For this setting,
  • Go to control panel, click on the system option,
  • Then select system protection, now advance and then performance option.
  • Select the adjust for the best performance option from the options shown there and apply, ok below.
  • Doing so will increase the speed of your desktop and laptop slightly.

6. How to Cleanup Disk?

Disk Cleanup is a system tool, that is, it is a tool of Windows itself. This tool is used to clean up whatever junk files are created while working on the system. By doing this, the useless files made in the disk that are using disk space are all deleted.

  • To run the Disk Cleanup Tool, go to the Control Panel, select the administrative tools option and then click on the disk cleanup option from there.
How to Cleanup Disk?
  • After this, select whichever drive you want to cleanup and proceed by doing OK.
How to Cleanup Disk?
  • Now all the files of that drive will open in front of you, which you select according to you or select all and select OK option.
  • After this, the disk cleanup process will start.

7. How to Delete Prefetch?

Prefetch files are those files that are used by our operating system, but there is no need for these files to be low, so delete these files in 15-20 days.

  • You need to press the Windows Key+R button to delete the files
How to Delete Prefetch?
  • Then run and enter the Prefetch command
How to Delete Prefetch?
  • You will open new Windows, select all the files from it and delete it.

Extra Point:

If the speed of the desktop or laptop is slow even after working on the points mentioned above, then it is now necessary that you format your computer once, and also use SSD instead of normal hard disk for best performance and upgrade RAM. By doing this, the speed of the computer will definitely increase.


Friends, you know How to Boost Laptop speed desktop and laptop, if you troubleshoot according to the points mentioned above, then the speed of your computer will definitely increase and if you have any problem while working on these points, or you want to ask something, then you can ask us by comment below.

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