How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

If your PAN card is lost or stolen then you do not have to worry, you can apply for duplicate PAN card from your mobile or computer. Just for this you need to know about “How to Get Duplicate PAN Card?“.

Pan card is considered to be one of the most important documents, if it is lost, then you can also suffer a lot from it, such as many times pan card is asked for while transacting in the bank or if you are doing KYC for something else, then pan card is also asked from you there.

So let us know today the method of reprint PAN card so that you can get the old lost PAN card, this is the official way to download pan card.

What is duplicate PAN card?

When you have lost your PAN card, many people may have advised you to apply duplicate PAN card online, but your question must have been repeatedly that what is this duplicate PAN card?

So I would like to tell you that just as the original PAN card is issued by the IT Department, similarly there is a duplicate PAN card, which will be the same on your old card as well as the new one.

If seen, there is no difference between the two cards, it is a copy of your old PAN card, which you can reprint and use in all your necessary work.

Many people will have this question whether we can use this duplicate PAN card everywhere, so here is my answer. Yes, you can use this reprinted PAN card everywhere without any problem.

Who can apply for duplicate PAN card

There are different types of taxpayers in India such as individual/individual taxpayers. HUF/ companies. But taxpayers cannot file their PAN card application except individuals. All taxpayers other than individuals are required to be an authorized signatory to file an application. The list for authorized signatories is as follows:

Category of TaxpayerAuthorized Signatory
HUFKarta of the HUF
CompanyAny Director(s) of the company
Firm/ Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)Any Partner(s) of the firm/LLP
AOP(s)/Body of Individuals/Association of Person(s)/Local Authority/ Artificial Juridical PersonAuthorized signatory as mentioned in the incorporations deed of the several taxpayers

What do I Need to Apply for a Duplicate PAN card?

Many times, due to our negligence, PAN card is such a document that it is not known when it is needed, which is why most people keep the PAN card in their purse or bag.

Due to which, along with the purse, all your necessary documents are also stolen, including the PAN card.

Or many times the PAN card is kept inside the bag by mistake, and you wash it or the PAN card gets damaged due to getting wet in the rain, in all these cases you have to apply a duplicate PAN card.

Now if such a card holder applies for a new PAN card, then it will take a lot of time and there is a little hassle in it, so you can make a duplicate PAN card, it will take you less time and the process is also very easy.

How To Get Duplicate PAN Card?

If your PAN card is damaged due to rain or water, then in this case you can apply for a duplicate PAN card directly and if your PAN card is stolen, then in this case you should immediately go to the police and file a report of the pan card being stolen.

Because it can also happen that if that PAN card is in the hands of a wrong person, then he can also misuse it, in which case you can also get caught.

Let us now know how to make a duplicate PAN card, below we have told you some steps by following which you can apply for duplicate PAN card online.

Step 1 ≻ First of all, you have to go on the official website of TIN-NSDL.

Step 2 ≻ After this, you will get the option in the name of “Services” and click on it and click on “PAN Card”.

Step 3 ≻ Now you will open a page in the name of Apply Online, in which you can get all kinds of information related to PAN card, but we have to reprint PAN card.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

Therefore, click on the apply link in the reprint PAN card section.

Step 4 ≻ In the next step, a form will come which you have to fill with the correct information, in which you click on the previous dropdown and select the option “Reprint PAN Card” with 3rd number.

Step 5 ≻ After that, you have to select category if your previous PAN card was business, then select it, but many people make an individual, so you select the individual.

Step 6 ≻ Now comes the most important task in which you have to fill all the things correctly, first you have to write your title, its name last name and first name, then date of birth, mobile number, email ID and PAN card number.

Step 7 ≻ Then mark the correct mark on their Terms & Conditions check box and after filling the Captcha code, click on the Submit button.

How To Get Duplicate Pan Card

Step 8 ≻ Now you have to deposit the fees for reprint PAN card, only then this process will be completed if you are applying reprint PAN card from India, then you will have to pay only 50 rupees fees for it.

You can use any of these payment methods, debit or credit card.

You can reprint a PAN card using this method, but for that you must have a PAN card number, if you do not have it, then in that case you should first find out your PAN card number.

We have given you information about this below, by reading it, you can easily find out the number of your PAN card.

After all these processes, you get an “acknowledgement number” which will be very useful in the future, so take a photo of that number or write it somewhere.

How to get PAN card number?

When the PAN card is lost, it is common that your PAN card number will also be lost, now applying for a reprint PAN card without a PAN card is a little difficult, so first you should know your PAN card number.

For this, you can know your PAN card number by reading the steps mentioned below: –

  • To know the PAN card number, you have to go to the official site of the Income Tax Department
  • There you will find many links related to PAN card in the name of Quick Links, from which you have to click on Know Your PAN.
  • Now a form will open in which you have to write your name, date of birth, gender and mobile number and click on submit.
  • After this, an OTP will come on your mobile number, fill it and click on Validate.
  • Now you will get your PAN card number here.

With the help of which you are very useful to reprint the PAN card, if you already have a photo of pan card, then it can be your work because the PAN card number is written in it.

Now those who do not have any PAN card photo can find out the PAN card number using this method.

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Some Important points relating to duplicate PAN card

  • If your PAN card is lost by theft, then you will have to file an FIR at the nearest police station. The FIR copy will have to be sent along with the documents of duplicate PAN card application.
  • When you are sending an acknowledgement of PAN application by registered post, you have to mention “Acknowledgement No. – (*****************) – Application for reprint of PAN at the top of the envelope or application for change or correction in PAN data.
  • The application fee is Rs 110 for resident persons and Rs 1,020 for non-resident persons. D. PAN card will be sent to the address mentioned in Aadhaar.

How to check the status of a duplicate PAN card?

Although it does not take long to become a duplicate PAN card, but still if you have to check the Duplicate PAN Card Status, then you can follow the steps mentioned below for it.

Step 1 ≻ To check duplicate PAN card status, you have to go to the official site of TIN-NSDL.

Step 2 ≻ Now here you will find online PAN service in Quick Links, click on it and click on the link with Know Your PAN Status.

Step 3 ≻ Now a form will open in which you first select PAN in application type.

Step 4 ≻ Now write the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER we asked you to keep careful in the second box.

Step 5 ≻ Finally, write down the captcha code given above and click on submit.

After doing this, whatever the status of your PAN card will be told to you, then in this way you can check the status of your PAN card.


Friends, in this post, we have given you How to get duplicate PAN card? Full information has been given about it, If you need any other information, you can message by going to the comment section below. Hope you will be helped by the information provided by us.

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