What Is The Coldest Place in the Universe 2023

What Is The coldest place in the universe

Coldest place in the universe: Scientists have discovered the coldest place ever known in the universe. It is 5,000 light-years away from Earth and is about four times colder than earth’s coldest place.

The boomerang nebula, which science is describing as the coldest known place ever, has a temperature of 1 degree Kelvin. A temperature lower than this can only be what is known as absolute zero in the theory of science.

What is the Temperature?

Before entering the most incredibly cold places in the universe, it’s important to understand what temperature is, as this will help us understand why there is a complete void. Temperature, broadly speaking, is an intrinsic property of each body that links energy to particle motion.

As we are well aware, all physical bodies in the universe are essentially composed of particles, i.e. atoms and subatomic particles. Well, all these particles have a certain energy inside. The bigger it is, the more they will move forward. That is, the more energy, the faster they move forward. The less energy you have, the slower it moves.

Energy is obtained directly from here, because it is a physical quantity that depends on this speed. Everything that is formed from moving particles (everything in the universe) has a temperature that depends on the speed of motion of these particles that make up it.

The more its particles move, the higher the temperature will be generated. And, on the contrary, the slower they make it, the lower the temperature it will generate. To understand this, let’s think about water. When its particles move fast, we are dealing with a liquid. On the other hand, when its speed is limited, it becomes solid (obviously, the speed of particles is low), which occurs at a lower temperature.

What’s the Coldest Place in the Universe?

According to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the coldest place in the universe is Boomerang Nebula. According to the US Space Organization, its temperature is ‘1 degree Kelvin’.

coldest place in the universe

Therefore, the Boomerang Nebula has been considered to be the coldest place known in the universe. If we want to understand 1 degree Kelvin in general terms, it means minus 458 degrees Fahrenheit or about minus 272 degrees Celsius.

Comparison of Boomerang Nebula to Earth’s Coldest Place

If we compare the temperature of the Boomerang Nebula with the coldest place on earth, it will be even easier for us to guess the winter there. The record for the lowest temperature on Earth has been recorded in Vostok, Antarctica. This temperature is minus 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That is, boomerang nebula is about four times colder than the coldest place on earth.

What is Boomerang Nebula?

According to Britannica, a nebula is a cloud or gas or dust that occurs in the space between stars. According to NASA, the Boomerang Nebula, located in constellation Santarus, 5,000 light-years away from Earth, is comparatively young. Planetary nebulae are stars that occur in the last wave of their lives. Such nebula emits strong ultraviolet radiation, causing gases to glow and scatter brightly colored light.

What’s Colder than a Boomerang Nebula?

European Space Agency astronomers Raghavendra Sahay and Lars-Ake Niman found in 1995 that the temperature of the Boomerang Nebula was lower than its background radiation. On the Kelvin scale it is just one degree warmer than absolute zero. Absolute zero is the lowest temperature, which is theoretically possible.

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List of Top 10 Coldest Place in the Universe

  1. Cold Nuclear Laboratory: -273.14999999999°C
  2. Boomerang Nebula: -272 degrees Celsius
  3. Average temperature of the universe: -270’4°C
  4. Faustini Crater, Moon: -240°C
  5. Pluto: -229°C
  6. Planet “Hoth”: -223°C
  7. Neptune: -218°C
  8. Uranus: -205°C
  9. Mercury at night: -170°C
  10. Vostok Base, Antarctica: -89’2°C


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