The Largest & Beautiful Religion in the World

Largest & Beautiful Religion in the World

Do you know many people want to know about Which is the Largest & Beautiful Religion in the World and which religion has the most people in the world? If not, today we will tell you about it. 8 out of 10 people in the world believe in some religion or the other. In such a situation, you will also want to know who believes in which religion in the total population of 7.7 billion of the world. Because in some places there is a high Christian population, in some places Muslims and Hindus. In such a situation, the curiosity to know their population increases even more.

Let me tell you, there are also people in the world who do not follow any religion i.e. atheists, the number of such people is also very high in the world. Also, today you will also know which is the largest religion in the world. Although there are many religions found in the world, but there are some special religions whose population is increasing the most in the world. Christianity, Muslim and Hinduism are prominent among them.

But the trouble comes when people are asked the world’s biggest religion? This is a question that no one can answer and even if one answers this question, he describes his religion as the biggest religion.

Largest & Beautiful Religion in the World

Let’s know in more detail which is the largest religion in the world? According to the population of people who believe in different religions, they are the largest and beautiful religions.

Christianity – Christianity is considered to be the largest religion in the world because 31 percent of the people in the whole world follow Christianity. More than 2.2 billion people follow Christianity.

Islam religion – Among the world’s largest religions, the name of Islam religion comes second. People who follow the religion of Islam are known as Muslims. After Christians, Islam is the most followed religion in the whole world. 1.6 billion Muslims believe in Islam.

Hinduism – Among the world’s largest and greatest religions, the name of Hinduism comes at number three. Hinduism is followed only in India in the continent of Asia and even after that, the number of people who follow this religion is more than 1 billion i.e. more than 100 crore. Which itself shows the greatness of this religion.

Buddhism – Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. Buddhism originated from India, but today there are many countries where Buddhism is followed such as Japan, Nepal, China etc. In the whole world, 5 percent of the people who follow Buddhism. 370 million people worldwide follow Buddhism.

Sikhism – Like Buddhism, Sikhism was also born from India. But today this religion is considered in many other countries besides India. Sikhism is followed by 23 million people all over the world. People who follow Sikhism are called Punjabis.

Judaism – Judaism is the oldest religion of the world. This religion is the state religion of Israel and Hebrew speakers. However, very few people in India have heard this religion. But their population in the world is 1.4 million.

Jainism – Jainism is most followed in our country and if we talk about the whole world, then 42 lakh people follow Jainism all over the world. Following Jainism is the most difficult compared to other religions.

Which is the Oldest Religion in the World?

The oldest religion in the world is Hinduism. It is believed to have originated in 9057 BC. But if sources are to be believed, according to the current data, Hinduism is 12 to 15 thousand years old and according to strong evidence, Hinduism is 24 thousand years old.

According to Wikipedia, anthropologists and historians, Hinduism (also known as Sanatana Dharma) dates back to the era of the 15th – 5th centuries BC. The first and most important mention of these is in the Vedas – four texts compiled between the 15th and 5th centuries BC on the Indian subcontinent, and the oldest texts of faith – which without a doubt make Hinduism the oldest religion in existence is the oldest religion in existence. Create the oldest dharma in the world.

It has since evolved into a diverse and flexible tradition for its ability to ‘absorb potential scholarly developments‘. Many followers refer to Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma, which refers to the idea that its origins go beyond human history, and some scriptures even write that Sanatana Dharma originated with creation.

But there are many controversies prevailing in the world on this subject. Some say Hinduism is the oldest religion, some say Islam is the oldest religion and some say Christianity is the oldest religion. But we should understand that this is not a competition, and all religions are invaluable. All religions teach the lesson of love.

Top 10 World’s largest Religion by Population

As you may now know that Christianity is the world’s largest religion by population, which shares 31 percent of the world’s total population. That is, 31 out of every 100 people in this world follow Christian religion, let us now tell you the top 10 list of religion according to Wikipedia population.

  1. Christian religious population 2.2 billion
  2. Islam population 1.6 billion
  3. Hindu population 1 billion
  4. Atheist population 1.1 billion
  5. Chinese traditional religion population 394 million
  6. Buddhist population 37.6 crore
  7. African traditional religion population 400 million
  8. Sikh religious population 2.3 crore
  9. Jewish population 14 million
  10. Jainism population 40 million

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Q1) How many religions are there in India?

Ans. There are more than 300 religions in the world. Which are also found in India. But there are a total of 7 major religions in India.

Q2) Which continent has the most religion found?

Ans. Asia continent is also called the country of religions, India country of Asia continent has the most and different religions.

Q3) Which religion was there before Sanatan Dharma?

Ans. According to statistics, there was Hinduism before Sanatan Dharma.

Q4) What is the first religion on earth?

Ans. The first religion on earth is Hinduism. Hinduism is also known as Vedic Sanatan Varnashram Dharma.

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